Must-Try Exercises for Men at the Gym


If you are looking to change your lifestyle into a healthier one, then you must make going to the gym part of it. While you can indulge in many exercises at home, a gym has the best fitness equipment available. This broadens your horizon to try different types of methodologies to keep your health in check. Also, you might be able to identify that one piece of equipment that you prefer over others. Every man has one of those. A gym allows you to go beyond traditional weight benches.  You will be able to try many other machines that can help you train with time tested methods.


Here are some exercises you must try:

Back Squat


The barbell back squat targets almost all the major muscle groups in the body. It is also quite essential for developing leg movements. A back squat can make you much better at running fast and jumping high. Your legs will feel an overall enhanced strength in them. Many athletes swear by this method.


Kettlebell Swing


Men often confuse this move with a squat and front raise combination for the legs and shoulders respectively. In reality, it is hip hinge and the movement is explosive. This is recommended for strengthening the glutes and conditioning the body. A cardio aspect is naturally added to this type of training due to the explosive movement. It helps create theta ripped physique most men dream of.


Farmer’s Walk


You will get tempted to use the variety of training equipment available at a gym. But don’t underestimate the significance and benefit of some of the less-stressful training methods. The farmer’s wall requires you to just heft some weights around. You can try this after your routine workout. Just walk around with a pair of 70-pound dumbbells for over 30 seconds. This will add to arm strength.

Bench Press

bench press

You can’t have gym experience without hitting the bench press. The question most men ask each other, ‘what do you bench?’ is famous for a reason. Doing regular training on the bench press will help develop strong pecs, shoulders, and triceps. It also increases the production of testosterone, which is needed for muscle building.




Lastly, we would like to mention the deadlift exercise. It is considered the king of all exercises. The reason is that it targets all the major muscle groups of the body. It tests your strength to the extreme. Since all the muscle are involved in this workout, it helps produce a lot of testosterone in the bloodstream. Therefore, when you are making a fitness training plan, this will be a must part of it.

There are plenty of other training workouts. To achieve the best for your personal body type, you should consult a fitness trainer. While many gyms carry the basic equipment and offer services of a trainer, it is good to search out a reputed one to get started on your fitness routine. Also, don’t forget to balance your diet.



Bio:  Ellian Jan

Focused on health, she aims to spread awareness on general health facts and issues by doing freelance writing for different clients all over the globe. Overcoming a terminal illness herself, she feels that it is her 
duty to educate everyone about living a healthy lifestyle.


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